Did you get the chance to experience our Beethoven Marathon?

10 | Nov | 2020

Back in September Danish Chamber Orchestra’s Ádám Fischer took us on a spectacular ride and performed all of Beethoven’s nine symphonies throughout four concerts, that lasted two days. The four concerts were a dedication to the composer’s 250 years birthday and was characterized by a unique interaction between the orchestra and the conductor. At the concerts the life of Beethoven was showcased in a way that left the audience with a closer bond to the more than 200-year-old composer. The poetic and humorous texts were written by Jesper Malmose and played by actor Rosalinde Mynster.

The successful corporation between Ádám Fischer and Danish Chamber Orchestra was in January 2020 honored by one of the finest music awards: International Classic Music Award (ICMA) for the Beethoven-release.  The symphonies have been an essential part of Ádám Fischer and Danish Chamber Orchestra concert agenda, ever since the orchestra was established as an independent entity in 2015.

When the complete symphonies were released in May 2019, Dagbladet Information stated “The Beethoven Project by Ádám Fischer is groundbreaking” while BBC 3’s reviewer stated: “I was blown away by this set.”

Beethoven’s symphonies are seen as very central in European cultural history, and the Beethoven Marathon provided with a unique and rare insight in the musical visions of the composer.  Not many orchestras worldwide dare to play all nine symphonies over a weekend, but Fischer and Danish Chamber Orchestra has proved their courage by doing so.