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22. feb. - 24. mar.

Danmarksturné med Tv-2

Sammen med TV-2 besøger vi 13 byer i hele landet

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31. mar. - 19. apr.

Græsset er grønnere

En helt ny opera komponeret af Oh Land og Adi Zukanovic. Præsenteres i samarbejde med Den Fynske Opera.

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1. sep - 3. sep

Haydn Festival

3 dage med koncerter og events i Konservatoriets Koncertsal

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30. nov - 17. dec

Juleshowet med Burhan G

Traditionen tro tager Burhan G og Danmarks Underholdningsorkester på juleturné med et stort musikalsk show.

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Our story

Forget everything you think you know about classical music by Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms. If know nothing at all, even better. The Danish Chamber Orchestra is here to prove that this is the most modern, invigorating and moving music ever created. For more than two decades, the orchestra’s conductor Adam Fischer has been on a mission to make us hear and feel music differently. The first step was getting his orchestra to play it differently. In the Danish Chamber Orchestra, he has honed one of the most reactive, sensitive, hyperactive and expressive orchestras in the world.

ICMA - International Classical Music Award

Brahms - Complete Symphonies

The Jury of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) has nominated our Brahms Recording as "Symphonic Music"

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Let's play

The orchestra’s determination to see things differently has seen it reimagine where and how concerts should be presented. It has mounted spatial performances and ventured away from concert halls. Every month, it works on pedagogical projects with Danish citizens from Viborg on the west coast to Copenhagen on the east.

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    Welcome to the Danish Chamber Orchestra

    Welcome to the Danish Chamber Orchestra

    Welcome to the Danish Chamber Orchestra

    Welcome to the Danish Chamber Orchestra