Photo: Nikolaj Lund


Adam Fischer and The Danish Chamber Orchestra in London, arranged and invited by Armel Opera Festival
29. August 2016

Over the last 18 years, the much sought after Hungarian conductor Adam Fischer has refined his outstanding collaboration with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. On October 23rd the orchestra and Adam Fischer present their dramatic interpretation of Mozart and Beethoven at an exclusive concert at the Hackney Empire Theatre.

The Danish Chamber Orchestra is Saved
15. February 2016

With support from three Danish funds, the Danish National Chamber Orchestra launches an extensive series of recordings and concerts, playing Beethoven’s nine symphonies, with its chief conductor, Adam Fischer. The project that continues through 2018, also marks the reality of the orchestra’s fight to become a privately funded orchestra.

Adam Fischer receives the Wilhelm Hansen Fund’s Honorary Award
26. October 2015

Tuesday October 27th, Adam Fischer, chief conductor of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, is awarded the Honorary Award by the Wilhelm Hansen Fund. The award comes with 150.000 DKK, and Adam Fischer has already decided to donate the entire amount to the orchestra and it’s ongoing battle for survival.

The Future Board Has Been Constituted
17. August 2015

The new board of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra has just held its first meeting and has been constituted. Chairman is Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen, former Ombudsman in the Danish parliament and the remaining members of the board are representatives from the Danish business and music communities. With the board set, the organization surrounding the now privately run orchestra is now in place.

Stine Nissen Hired As Director
24. April 2015

Today the Danish National Chamber Orchetra hired a Director and an Artistic Manager. Together they will lead the now privately run orchestra into the future. Director is Stine Nissen, who has years of experience managing various cultural projects. Artistic Manager is Johnn Frandsen, Danish composer. Together they have the wide array of skills necessary to create a commercial as well as an artistic starting point from which the orchestra can take off.

The Danish National Chamber Has Been Ressurected
13. January 2015

The internationally acclamined conductor Adam Fischer is part of the task force who is now trying to ressurect the Danish National Chamber Orchestra after it was shut down in DR. He is in the group of people who has taken the initiative to set up a charity concert on February 1st. Mozart will be played and Adam Fischer himself will conduct the concert.